Where you can find us, contact

Trojanova 3, Praha 2 (next to Palackého square, close to the right embankment);

  • July, August: WED 2PM – 5PM & FRI+SAT 10AM – 5PM
  • rest of the year: WED 2.15PM – 5.00PM

If you are interested in picking up a larger number of maps (more than 20), please contact someone from the distribution at map.distribution@use-it.cz.


What you can find here

Our infocentre has several uses.
During the summer (roughly from June to September) serves as an information centre, where young travelers from around the world (we had travelers from 52 countries visited our infocentre in 2014) can obtain the map of Prague and other cities involved in USE-IT Europe, and additional information personally given by local volunteers. Travelers are also advised what to not miss in Czech Republic, what is just happening or we can give you a hand with planning a trip.

During the winter period is our infocentre used mainly as a meeting space of our map team, who create another edition of the map of Prague.
We organise also “traveler screenings” in spring and autumn, when visitors can use the space to share experiences from their travels (photos, videos and mainly with own stories).

Use our information centre for your events

We call our infocentre “Trojanka” and you can rent it as a suitable place to hold lectures, workshops, seminars, classes or any other events.
It is very easily accessible thanks to the fact that it is situated in the downtown next to Palacky square. There are a projector with a projection screen, several working tables, 10 chairs, kitchen and bathroom.
Please contact us for more information..

What is happening?

June  2019

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