Act like a local

What comes to your mind when you hear “underground”? Metro? Pipelines? Moles, worms and rats? Or underground culture, music and parties? On our map we show you what we mean. Forget about crowds of tourists in their touristic bubble. Let us reveal what is under the fake touristic façade! Let us introduce you to the real Prague underground!

Beer, beer, beer!!! CR is famous for its beer and we’re proud of it! We have the best beer (according to us, try it and make your own opinion) and it’s cheap too – cheaper than water. Thanks to these facts we have the highest beer consumption in the world: more than 156 liters of beer per capita each year – old people, newborns and dogs included. But don’t call us drunkards we prefer “beer experts”.

In restaurants, we have a special tip-giving system. When you receive a bill from the waiter, use the easy math, round the number up and tell the waiter how much he should take to keep at least 6 CZK. So for example: when you pay 143 CZK, tell the waiter: “150 CZK is okay”. But when it’s e.g. 148 CZK you should leave 160 CZK.

Useful tips & info

OPENING HOURS: Most museums are closed on Mondays. Many shops are closed on Sundays outside of the city centre. Restaurants usually serve warm meals until 21:00 (or 22:00). Later you can get some fast food.
SHOPPING: Hungry? Try Albert, Billa, Tesco or Žabka – the most common supermarkets. They are on every corner.
SMOKING: Since July 2017 there is ban on smoking inside of the restaurants and bars. You can still smoke outside of the place.
WHAT IS GOING ON? Ask at our infodesk or check
MONEY: Still no eurozone in sight, so be prepared to do some math: 1 EUR is approximately 27 CZK (Kč, korun, Czech crowns). The safest way to get some cash is at an ATM. They are omnipresent.
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Liberation Day on May, 8th marks the end of WWII. July, 5th commemorates religious teachers Cyril and Methodius, who translated the Christian Bible into Slavic languages. July, 6th 1415 the religious reformer Jan Hus was burned.