Act like a local

Touch the angel and make a wish

We usually touch it and whisper our wishes when passing by. It brings us luck. In the main square, the small gate of the church has iron bars with golden angel faces. You will definitely recognise which angel is THE ONE. Hopefully the angel understands your language.

Meet at the American memorial

We meet here because it is almost in the middle of the city and there are many pubs around. During the summer, stay here, chill out near the fountain, and drink your own stuff. And don’t hesitate to join someone else who’s drinking nearby.

There is just one “champagne” in Pilsen

We have a local fizzy wine, which we like to call Champagne; even though it has nothing to do with French wine. We love our local Bohemia Sekt. All Czechs drink it as the “drink of victory”. It is not made directly in Pilsen, but just a few kilometers away. So let´s celebrate the amazing fact that you are in Pilsen right now, but only with “Bohemka”.

Love football

Our football team Victoria Pilsen has been quite successful and we are very proud of it. If you hear people yelling “Victorca!!!”, just go ahead and do the same thing. The football fans appreciate any kind of acoustic support :-)


tůto, tuhleto [tootoe, toohlaetoe] – this (thing)
Kudypa? [Kudeypa?] – Which way?
tutady [tutadey] – this way
Copa je tůto? [Tsopa yea tootoe?] – What is this?
Kdepa seš? [daepa sesh?] – Where are you?
vošouch [voshok] – potato pancake
pivko [pifko] – beer
vínáč [veenutch] – wine (usually 2dcl)
Božkov [boshkov] – local spirit (based on rum aroma)
Čekuláda [chekulada] – chocolate
Dýl. [Deal.] – Later.