Act like a local

Love them or hate them??? Ostrava’s three exclamation marks!!!

You can either love them or hate them. Ostrava’s new logo of three exclamation marks (!!!) has divided locals into two groups – some get an endorphin rush when they see them, others get pumped with angry adrenaline. These exclamation marks can be found everywhere, from T-shirts to garbage trucks. It is the only logo in the world that you can write as a text message: OSTRAVA!!!

Ostrava’s people are “distinctive”

“Ostravak je razovity”, (meaning “Ostrava people are distinctive”) – those are the words of the popular local singer Jarek Nohavica. Since then, this has become a popular and well-known “fact”. But nobody actually knows what this “distinctiveness” means in reality. Ostrava is just the way it is, like any other city. So when someone is trying to persuade you that Ostrava is “distinctive”, just nod your head and smile – there’s nothing you can do about it.

Local people are honest and direct.

We have to admit – sometimes too honest and too direct. Ostrava’s people are straightforward, and they won’t mislead you with useless words. They display their emotions openly, so you’ll always know when to expect a kiss and when to expect a slap in the face. And be sure that sooner or later, one of those (or both) will happen.

Eight out of ten Ostrava locals leave for the weekend.

On Fridays at five p.m. all the roads out of the city are jammed and the city itself is almost deserted. The locals, however, do not have a break from each other; they meet up at their cabins in the Beskydy Mountains or at the “beaches” by reservoirs, lakes or ponds. And on Monday they get together again and share stories of their weekend.

The strong Ostrava accent is pleasing to the ear.

It’s not only in Ostrava that the Prague accent gets on people’s nerves – being a Praguer is a pretty unpopular “diagnosis” all around the Czech Republic (except in Prague of course). Some locals just like to pick on Praguers without any apparent reason. The issue with Prague people is that they can’t hide their accent here because all the vowels are so long – compared to Ostrava locals, Praguers need twice as long to say everything.

Celebrate the beauty of our local women.

The further north, the rougher the region gets, and the further east, the more beautiful are the women. So Ostrava is an ideal combination of both. You can find beautiful girls and ladies on every corner – and regardless of their age, figure or the colour of their hair, they are all pretty. Local men are known to say that where there are no “love handles”, there is no fun.