Act like a local

České Budějovice

Use the right shortcut! To say every time the full name of České Budějovice is a bit of pain, but be cautious. The only correct possibility is “Budějce” [Boodieitse]. Forget “Budějice” and don’t try to upset us with “Budějky” – only lousy Praguers would say that.
Get to know local characters (ask locals for more detalied stories): Láďa Kajbar (R.I.P.) who would never get his radio off his ear, Bohuna who might invite you home or Bába Igelitka (Heg the Plastic Bag) with her excentric make-up.
Another Budweiser beer brand? Are you sure? Seriously, we do not know and do not care. Stay calm and ignore the American Budweiser.

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is a ghost city. There is too many tourists and paddlers who disappear after the season. So if you want to avoid the crowds and fit among the locals, you should definitely come off-season (October – May).
Drink beer. Easy enough. Krumlov has its own brewery called Eggenberg (which is continuously in troubles), but we are not picky and we absolutely drink other beer.
It is polite to answer. So always reply if paddlers shout “Ahoooj”! Scream back: Ahoooy!


to go rafting – jet na vodu [yet na vodu] take care – měj se [myei se] hello – dobrý den [dobree den] dude/man – vole [volle] (but be carefull, it literally means ox or nit)
shit – do prdele [doprdele] sweet shop – cukrárna [tsukra:rna] hot dog – pikador [pickador] clothes pegs – klubalky [klubalkey] bra – šajska [schaizca] get a grip – vzberchej se [vzberchei se] potato pancake – cmunda [tsmoonda] potato pancake with smoked meat and sauerkraut – cmunda po kaplicku [tsmoonda po caaplitsku] bike stand – kolostav [collostav] cabbage pancake – zelňák [zelniac]