Act like a local

Get to know the real city

Brno is great in its own way: a lot of students, cosy cafés, decent prices, amazing functionalist buildings and also perfect public transport. Yep, we’re really happy with our public transport. Also, Brno is not eaten up by tourists so you can experience an authentic Czech city. Have you ever walked on the Charles Bridge in Prague on a summer day? Well, that’s not Brno. If you want to pay us a compliment, come up with other advantages of Brno.

Don’t say Czechoslovakia

Come on guys, it has been more than 20 years since Czechoslovakia split into two separate and independent states. So, please, don´t call us Czechoslovakia, we won´t appreciate it. And if you happen to know that the agreement of separation from 1993 was signed in Vila Tugendhat in Brno “*”, you will look smart and make us happy.

Be prepared for Czenglish

Don’t be shocked if what you hear isn’t perfect English. Particularly older generation may have problem with the language, and Czenglish – a special mixture of English vocabulary and Czech pronunciation and word order – is widely spread. The key for successful communication is to speak rather slowly and pronounce carefully; some gestures and body language may help too. Good luck.

Forget about taxi

Use public transport instead! Particularly night public transport is legendary in Brno. There is a unique system of night buses (called „rozjezd“), leaving every hour from 23:00 to 05:00 towards every direction of the city from the stop “Hlavní nádraží” (main train station). It may happen that you will talk to random people and get yourself into situations you´ve seen only in movies; which is quite a contrast to the rather cold and asocial journeys you normally experience during the daylight.

Drink beer like Czechs

When it comes to drinking beer, we are very warm and friendly and it is a matter of customs to toast with beer on every occasion. It is not just saying ‘nazdraví’ [nazdrovie] and hitting glasses with everyone at the table, we also knock the pint glass on the table and after that we finally drink. Note: a pint of beer (0,5 l) is the normal size. Half pints (0,3 l) aren´t suitable, even for girls. Drink beer like we do in these pubs “icon”.

Order lunch menu

Lunch is our favourite and largest meal of the day. “Meníčka“ – lunch menu during the lunch time – lasts from 11:00 to 14:00. Most restaurants offer a menu with a soup and a choice between at least three main courses for a very favourable price (around 85 CZK).

Honour our wine

South Moravia is a wine region, so don’t stick to drinking only beer in Brno. On a warm night, it’s completely common to see amorous couples disappearing into the darkness of Špilberk* or Lužánky* park carrying one important thing – a plastic bottle of Moravian wine. Then stars seem shinier, to say it in Czenglish. Brno’s wine bars offer glasses to stay or take away (see “icon”).

Simply love cafés

We are able to spend many hours there. We love the spirit of conversation and observing others at the neighbouring table. As going to cafés may be a lifestyle, you can usually find there everything handy for the whole day: apart from coffee and tea, also beer, wine and spirits are on the menu as well as some snacks and home-made desserts. But many of the places also offer some food for your mind: it may be a concert, an impro-theatre show, an exhibition or a debate. So why go anywhere else? Well, maybe to visit another one because you can find some in almost every other building, and new ones are still growing!

Believe in blue and white

Fans of Hockey Club Kometa Brno are an unusual kind. An ordinary Czech fan cheers only when his team wins, but fans of Kometa cheer no matter what is happening on the ice rink and they still dream about the 11 league titles they won a long, long time ago. Although the official colours of the city are red and white, you may very well meet a blue and white storm in the streets from time to time.

Experience the contrast

Over 80,000 people disappear from Brno every Christmas and most of them also in summer which leads to shortening of opening hours of some bars, pubs, cafés, restaurants… Yeah, it is a big deal in our relatively small city. And where the hell are they going? Home. Brno seems really empty and sad without its usual mass of lively students who are an important part of Brno’s face. Proof may be for example the frequent occurrence of ticket inspectors on public transport when students come to Brno (mid September and January) and when their three-month-tickets are ending (pre Christmas, March and June); so be careful in those times.

Meet the city monster

It´s a crocodile but we call it THE DRAGON. It is a long story. Ask locals.

Practical info

Meeting points

marked with (icon *) – about 19:00 or 20:00 these places are quite crowded (especially at weekends) → bit difficult to spot your people
1. → the train station called “nádr“ → main tram (and night buses) hub
2. → Česká Street called “čára“
3. → the phallus clock at Svobody Square


not included in the price → we leave about 5%-10% → zaokrouhlujeme cenu → but all depends on your happiness with the service
Smoking allowed
still not forbidden to smoke inside → don’t panic → many places are non-smoking / with non-smoking rooms → (see (icon*)).
Payment by card
(thumbsup) → supermarkets, shops
(thumbsdown) → most restaurants, cafés, pubs, tourist classics


drinking alcohol officially not allowed → streets, public transport, parks (ale de-facto v parcích pijem)
in bars and terraces→ you can drink whatever you want → 18+

Brno tourist info

(icon) at Radnická 8
April to September → Mo-Fr: 8:00-18:00; Sa&Su: 9:00-18:00
October to March → Mo-Fr: 8:00-18:00; Sa: 9:00-17:00; Su: 9:00-15:00


cash → yellow ticket machines (at some tram stops), newsagent’s shops, driver (slightly more expensive)
card → yellow ticket machines at Hlavní Nádraží and Malinovského Náměstí stop
sms → only czech phone number! :( type “BRNO” on 90206
app → “sejf” (android & iphone) → but it is user unfriendly!


one ticket system for trams, trolleys-buses and buses
pozor → ceny i trasy se vlivem rekonstrukce tras v současnosti trochu mění
15 min → 20CZK
60 min → 25CZK
90 min → 27CZK
24 hours → 90CZK
5-day → 250CZK
weekends → you can use single 24 hours ticket for 2 people
long-term pass → DPMB office at Novobranská 18 (closed on Sun)

Bicycle rentals

Cafés rental → Trojka *, Cafe Podnebi *, Café Art *, Tři Ocásci * → for free! (300CZK deposit)
“Rekola” mobile app → shared pink bikes straight away on streets (April to November) → for free!
RentBike next to (Chajovna*) → pro horská kola, elektrokola či skůtr → not free!
cyklomapa →


public transport schedules → or mobile app “Jízdní Řády”
interstate and international buses →


only 20 minutes to get there → buy the 60 min ticket for public transport
Bus 76 → from 5:30 until 23:30 → from the main train station every half hour
Bus 89 → during the night → from the same point every o’clock