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What is USE-IT?

USE-IT makes tourist info for young people who are travelling on a low budget.

USE-IT info centres guides, maps and websites are provided by locals, are not-commercial, free, no-nonsense and up-to-date.

Every member organization should be getting money from local governments or institutions

USE-IT is tourist info for young people

Young travellers have different needs, so they need different tourist info. “Where are the free concerts? I only have time for one museum, so: which one? Do girls also pay drinks around here? I want a club without tourists – where do you guys go?”

With maps and budget guides, websites and information desks, USE-IT caters for young travellers in a growing number of European cities.

The bottom line is that USE-IT thinks beyond just tourism: USE-IT makes young people break out of the tourist bubble to meet their local counterparts and discover the REAL city actively.

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